Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On hiatus

This project has been on hold for a number of months because of family and work committments. Plus, I overextended myself with my self-imposed ambitious schedule.

I'll be continuing this soon, and possibly migrating it to a new site.

In the meantime, I am returning to the published essays and correcting them for grammar, spelling, style, graphics and, in some cases, actual text. What you see in each essay is not the final until the actual words "FINAL" appear at the beginning of each essay.


Nicholas said...

You should change it to 'evaluating presidents 1-44', after all we'll probably be well into Obama's first term seeing how many presidents you've got to do.

R. B. said...

Take your time. I've enjoyed your essays, and I am honored by your praise for my book on Thomas Jefferson.

Big Mo said...

Nicholas - hi - and thanks! I've since updated the site and am redoing previous entries to remove spelling and grammatical errors and make the essays more reader-friendly.

And yep, I'll probably finish next year.

R.B. - I'm honored that you stopped by. Thank you!