Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you #43, hello #44

After almost a year's absence, I'm resuming my review of the presidents. I'll be starting with William McKinley, and will post in February. I'll post a new one each month until I finish with Dubya, and then I'll write a preliminary assessment of Obama.

Got too intense for a while with too much politics, and I actually burned myself out. But no more. I have the itch to continue with this project, especially because I've added new books to my library on McKinley, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan.


THANK YOU, #43, President George W. Bush, for your dedication, service and faithfulness!

And a hearty WELCOME to #44, Barack H. Obama!

(Note: I don't have the photo credits for any of the above. The photos are AP or the White House, while the images were passed along on the internet. If anyone knows the proper credit for the last two, please let me know.)

I thought this was a pretty cool event: five presidents (well, one soon-to-be when this was taken) meeting in the Oval Office. From left: George H. W. Bush (#41), Barack Obama (#44), George W. Bush (#43), Bill Clinton (#42) and Jimmy Carter (#39). The last time this many presidents were together was for, I think, Nixon's funeral in the mid-1990s.