Wednesday, February 21, 2007

G.W. Visits the Original G.W.'s Home

On Presidents Day, President Bush paid tribute to the first president, George Washington, at his beloved Mount Vernon. Bush made quite an interesting speech, one that no doubt left some in the media smirking at his comparisons to the present war to the Revolutionary War. Indeed, I was admittedly taken aback, until I read the speech.

He visits Washington’s Mount Vernon and identifies with Washington in a way that’s difficult for you or me: persevering over the course of a long struggle, being the man in charge but faced with set-backs, a difficult congress, a tenacious enemy, a largely unfriendly or indifferent world, and a nation divided over success or failure.

Does this mean that the Revolution and the GWOT (war against Islamic fascists, including the fight in Iraq) are the same? Hardly. Each war is different.

It’s just that Bush is finding common ground with Washington. It’s not unusual for presidents to do this. FDR, for example, found common ground with Jefferson’s grand themes of liberty for the common man when he was locked in the titanic struggle against the Nazis, Italian fascists and Imperial Japanese.

Remember, Bush is a man who sees in grand themes. He doesn’t see minutia, which is what his critics continually harp on. And sure, that causes him to stumble and make mistakes, or not respond forcefully to liberals, Democrats and media who richly deserve to be slapped down for their continual attacks against him since December 2000.


Dee said...

hi mo...i've just visited your profile and i really like your spirit! i notice though that you've been posting since january this year and have only had 15 views to your profile...have you thought about having a link list? then you could link to sites you like and they could link back to you... you are posting some really good quality stuff and it would be a shame if nobody much got to see it...anyway...i'm adding your link to my list
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Dee said...

*blush* sorry, i just saw your link list...i missed it the first time

Dee said...

rush limbaugh hits the nail on the head saying that conservatives are hungering for leadership...if you see the flip-flop stuff going on with romney and mccain and the out and out pro-gay actions of giuliani, it's sickening...we need to pray for God's mercy in giving us someone who at least isn't completely abominable!

BIG MO said...

You know it, Dee!

Thanks for stopping in, too. (I should be finished with all of the presidents by next July ;^0)